Walmart has bought Flipkart, now what

Here’s a list of 10 things we can expect from Walmart’s majority stake in Flipkart:

1. We can expect to see international Walmart products on Flipkart’s ecommerce site. This wasn’t possible previously as India’s policy doesn’t allow overseas companies to sell directly to customers.
2. More deals and discounts for shoppers as the fight between Amazon and Walmart gains momentum.
3. Vegetables, fruits, consumables will be the new addition on Flipkart’s page. Online sellers like Big Basket will also have to strategize better and step carefully.
4. All Flipkart customers can expect SMSs, emails, promotional offers from Walmart, as Walmart will have access to Flipkart’s huge India database.
5. Faster delivery and better reach to remote areas for purchases from Flipkart as Walmart Brick and Mortar outlets can be used as delivery centres to service online sales.
6. Cheaper online groceries for shoppers as Walmart to get aggressive in this segment using Flipkart’s online presence.
7. Farmers can expect to get better wholesale rates with an organised payment structure by selling their produce to this global giant.
8. Small vendors and independent outlets to face severe competition from Walmart, they need to device a plan to remain relevant even after Walmart takes over.
9. More employment, more income sources for young Indians and small businesses as Walmart has an aggressive plan to expand presence with 50 new stores in the next 5 years.
10. Indian startups will come into the radar of international investors looking at making similar juicy deals.

The times are disruptive in the online e-commerce space. We need to gear up for e-commerce Version 2.0 where experienced, online customers will start looking for specialised, differentiated products with clear USPs.

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