Smart Devices That Will Break The Online Retail Market


Today there are many smart devices in the market like television sets, home lighting, air conditioners, watches and speakers. This is just the beginning of a trend that’s going to break retail and online markets. We’re at the brink of a whole new, data-driven, and highly analytical way of life that will affect every industry; right from food to electronics, manufacturing, and automobile to fashion, medicine and lifestyle. Every product or service is going super-size in terms of their capabilities. Is this for real? And how much is it going to personally affect you? Is it even affordable? These are the questions on many of our minds, even as we contemplate which one we should buy – Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.

With procurement of sensors becoming cheaper and more accessible, manufacturing IoT devices is not as expensive as it used to be. The entry of smart TV, watches, and other gadgets into mainstream online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart has increased both awareness and utility of these gadgets. It’s only a matter of time before every home is digitally activated.

Here’s a list of the top Smart gadgets that are most likely to enter your home within the next year:

  1. Smart TV Devices:

With Netflix and Amazon Prime gaining popularity and competing with conventional TV channels for viewership, it’s evident that consumers are just waiting for a device that will help them access both options with ease. And Smart TVs are just the right solution. Amazon’s Firestick and Cromecast 2 are the other alternatives that help convert your regular TV box into a smart one.

  1. Smart Speakers

While you may wonder what use is a smart speaker and who is going to invest in such a luxury device, let me tell you, it’s only a matter of time before you fall prey. The convenience of Alexa or Google Home cannot be ignored. These devices virtually do everything for you, without you having to move a finger. And as superfluous as it may seem, the benefits of this device cannot be overlooked. From booking your movie tickets, to scheduling interviews, ordering your groceries, reminding you of upcoming events, switching off your lights to sharing information and playing games; Alexa is going to be ‘ your go-to person of the future’.

  1. Smart Wearable Devices

Titan WE - Idea Particles

The usability of smart watches in today’s tech world is a no-brainer. With every person hustling to meet their daily demands, the smart watch is a boon like no other. Features like phone finder, notification updates and fitness tracker are useful and practical. It’s time for conventional watches to finally make way for the smarter lot. Titan WE is one such smart watch that’s catching the digital storm at a fast pace.

4. Smart Air Purifiers

India is the third last among the countries ranked for their environment conditions by the global environment performance index. It’s not a surprise that experts predict smart air purifiers are going to be the next IN-thing to have in high society homes. These devices will indicate the purity of the air in your home, raising alarms if it crosses the safety value. With Delhi already being on the global radar for their pollution levels, it’s evident that this city is the primary target of the sellers.

5. Smart Lighting

Syska Smart

We’re all familiar with Syska Smart LED lighting’s television ads. While the features and benefits are yet to register in our minds, what stands out is that the company is so confident of its product that they’re willing to back it up with huge spends on advertising. This only goes to show that manufacturers all across are bullish about IoT, smart devices and a more connected group of offerings to their customers.


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