Smart Buildings for Enterprises

Smart Buildings for Enterprises | The Future of Offices

Offices have turned smart overnight. Seats are being used to their optimum capacity, lights are being turned off automatically if not in use, and even air quality is being monitored and controlled. There’s a new sense of accountability coming to workspaces, and no you cant point towards environmentalists this time.

It is all possible today because of IoT technology. Yes, IoT is empowering workforces to make dramatic transitions that will save energy, reduce heavy operational costs of office buildings and create friendly environments for the employee like never before. It truly feels like the time of the employee has finally arrived.

Here’s a look at some of the most future-ready offices in the world driven by IoT:


Also known as the most sustainable office in the world, Edge creates double the energy it utilizes. Located in Amsterdam, the Edge was made for Deloitte with the goal of creating an intuitive, productive and comfortable environment for its employees. But it is much more than that. It is also the world’s most intelligent and connected building completely driven by technology where employees can plan their work schedule via an app, get directed to their parking space, book an available seat and control room temperature as per their needs.

Watson IoT Centre

Watson’s IoT centre was built by IBM to create an advanced learning centre for cognitive computing and IoT technologies. From the lighting to temperature and seat utility, the building in on a continuous learning spree improving utilization and energy savings for the building, in turn reducing costs.

RBC Waterpark Place

Home to the Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Waterpark is a 31 storey office complex located in Toronto. The building is a fine example of where the city is heading. Certified by LEED Platinum, this superconnected office directs you to the fastest elevator, identifies if meeting rooms are in use and even allows you to adjust the height of your table.

The Crystal

Recognized by BREEAM and LEED, the Crystal is an intelligent office building that houses Seimens and many other global businesses in London. Being highly connected, the building is continuously collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources to ensure that the building operates at maximum efficiency.


As IoT enters the mainstream, smart offices will be the norm with employee health and wellbeing taking center stage.

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