IBM Watson and IoT Solutions for Consumers


IBM set up its IoT Innovation centre at Munich exactly 2 year ago. The agenda was to work on defining the future of this world-changing technology. Today, IBM’s Watson IoT Solutions is already being used by over 6000 clients globally. Here are some examples of how IBM is helping their clients across the automotive, healthcare, segments.

1. Harman’s Voice Enabled Cognitive Rooms

The term “If only walls had ears” is becoming a reality true with Harman’s IoT enabled speakers powered by IBM Watson.  Together they have created voice-enabled cognitive rooms that answer queries related to the room. Tested in office conference rooms, the IBM app is embedded in Harman’s sound bars that enables users to interact using natural language.

2. Whirlpool Connected Appliances

Whirlpool home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves are fitted with sensors that collect data on their usage. The IBM Cloud would analyse this data and suggest improvements for newer models, taking into consideration user requirements. With Whirlpool being one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, connected appliances are already a market reality. With the Whirlpool app, customers are further empowered to start their appliances remotely, or even given alerts. These new learnings have helped in making Whirlpool products more efficient and consumer-centric.

3. BMW’s Intuitive Cars

The BMW team is working with IBM on a cloud computing project that will help cars communicate with each other, understand driving habits and recognise glitches and deadlines. The German car maker partnered with IBM to automate and personalise the driving experience for car owners. Further, with BMW’s CarDara Platform car owners can share data collected with insurance companies and auto shops to be alerted about upcoming service requirements or possible repairs.

4. Ricoh Cognitive White Boards

With mobility being at the crux of workplace efficiency, IBM and Ricoh are working together to create a cognitive whiteboard. These boards will be able to collect, collate and analyse data produced during meetings. This is possible because of a host of connected products made by Ricoh and IBM Watson. It includes apps to collect voice conversations, whiteboard interactions and share minutes of the meeting with all participants. The natural language interface makes it easy to use and more efficient. Watch the video here.

5. Groupama Connected Car Insurance

With the Watson technology, Groupama, an Italy based insurance firm is able to provide better motor insurance services to the customer. With IoT and telematics devices, Groupama is able to collect data regarding trips and driving patterns, and provide an overall risk assessment measure. This further enables customised pricing based on the services they need. Groupama has been able to identify new ways to improve the overall insurance process, keeping the customer experience at the centre.  


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch out for Watson and a whole host of innovative, customer centric solutions as IoT and digital transformation take centre stage.  

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