How Customers are Succeeding with SAP’s Leonardo IoT solutions

How Customers are Succeeding with SAP’s Leonardo IoT solutions

SAP’s Leonardo Intelligent Technologies is a combination of several intelligent technologies and industry knowledge that comes together to optimize processes and resources for large-scale enterprises. SAP Leonardo helps you analyze large dumps of data in an instance and use the insights for business improvements. It uses a mix of new-age technologies like machine learning, internet of things and Blockchain on an open-cloud platform.

1. Kaiserwetter is maximizing return on renewable energy

Kaiserwetter is an independent, internationally operating service provider for the technical and financial management of renewable assets, especially wind and solar plants. They provide data and analytics to their clients. Their innovative solution ‘Aristotlus’ made using SAP’s IoT and machine-to-machine learning to aggregates data across geographic locations. IoT enables them to aggregate technical, meteorological and financial data, in order to make decisions that maximize the performance of their assets. Customers can analyze data as per their requirement and use the solution for predictive data analytics.

Kaiserwetter aims to push forward investments in renewable energy and minimize the risk for investors – making a game-changing contribution to global climate protection.

2. Arctic Winds is solving arctic challenges at the world’s north most wind farm

Arctic Winds run the world’s north-most wind farms in Norway. Here wind gushes at super speeds throughout the year, and planning maintenance work is highly challenging.  The weather plays a crucial role in the team’s plans for maintenance operations. The other challenge that the company faces is the availability of sunlight. In fact, there’s a period of 2 months every year when there is very low sunlight in the area.

In order to plan their maintenance periods better, Arctic Winds tied up with Fedem technologies, a company recently acquired by SAP. The team installed sensors throughout the body of the windmills to collect weather data continuously. The data is then sent to the Fedem office where the data collected is mimicked on a virtual structure using a digital twin. This digital twin tracks the strain and stress put on the structure. Moreover, the technology provides future prognosis as per the collected performance history. This solution helped the company improve production time while reducing maintenance downtime.

3. Keeping flooding at bay with SAP Leonardo in Buenos Aires

During the floods of 2013, relentless rain in Buenos Aires brought chaos to the region. Flooding has historically been an issue here, causing major administrative concerns in the city; from drainage to garbage collections, etc. The government reached out to SAP in order to solve this issue. SAP installed sensors across various problem points in the region to collect data from specific regions, garbage collectors, weather reports and citizens and analyze the source of the issue. The sensors would track the direction of flow of water, water levels and speeds in the sewage drains across the city. This data was then sent to the cloud which would automatically trigger alarms in areas with high potential of flooding.  A real-time SAP IoT solution that helped the city avoid unpredictable catastrophes in urban areas.


These are just some of the instances of SAP’s intelligent solution in use to solve large-scale problems with minimal turn-around time.