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Our Approach

ideaParticles, Thinking Ahead… is a platform that curates ideas that are changing the world and creating a better future. We’re connecting ideas, people, organizations, products, services and technology that keep positive change at the core of their agenda. ideaParticles empowers people with all the tools to take positive action at any time in their product lifecycle, and at any place. The best part is positive change can be brought into any field close to your heart, if you put your mind to it. We’re bringing together all the amazing opportunities out there under one platform. We will be engaging with thought leaders, industry experts, and other positive change influencers to share their knowledge with us.

There are many wonderful ventures out there who’s core agenda is to bring positive change, both to the planet and humanity.  We will bring to you all these do-gooders under one roof in order to raise awareness and encourage their use worldwide.

Our Story

We’re a small team of 3 individuals who’ve given up corporate jobs after almost a decade of experience, in search of doing something that gives real fulfillment and satisfaction. That’s how the seed of ideaParticles was sown. There was no looking back since then. Once we identified the way we wanted to help individuals, we set forth with a clear mission to be propagators of positive change; be it by supporting the environment, encouraging gender equality, increasing sustainability or promoting the use of empowering technology.

Let’s Talk

Do you have it in you to support positive change in a world that encourages shortcuts, quick bucks, and indifference? If you believe in the cause, we’re looking for you. Let’s join hands and create a positive world of hope. Yes, there is still room for good people and good deeds.

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