Eco-friendly Products to Transition to A Sustainable Lifestyle


Do you feel guilty when using plastic bottles or when you buy chemical based products or packaged food from the supermarket? It’s not just you. There are many of us who feel the same. Yes, you can take steps toward adopting more eco-friendly, sustainable daily habits. There are a whole bunch of organic, biodegradable household items, foods and lifestyle products that are readily available online.

These eco-friendly daily use items will not just help reduce environmental damage but will make you feel a little less guilty about the damage to the planet. It just takes baby steps to imbibe conscious living habits that will contribute to making your surroundings less polluted and more liveable.

  1. Denims – All of us own at least one pair of jeans, which we wear for at least a year, if not more. You could take the first step by investing in jeans made using sustainable, recyclable, reused material to break away from the current system of wastage to a more circular economy. KORRA is a brand that makes jeans that people are proud to wear. Based in Delhi, you can order your custom-made jeans anywhere in India.
  2. Herbs & Spices – From millets to honey, spices and essential oils, it’s always better to use these products that are untouched by chemicals and unnatural substitutes. Last Forest is an online platform that sources these ingredients from small, indigenous farmers over 60 groups across the country. Promoting local employment and markets, the team partner with farmers who follow sustainable harvesting and farming methods.
  3. Washing Detergent – We all are aware that detergent water ends up in lakes, polluting water bodies and severely damaging marine life. Krya is a completely organic detergent made of plant-based materials; odourless and easy-to-use it can be used in any urban household.
  4. Healthy Snacks – From flaxseeds to barley expresso cookies and whole wheat whey crackers, these delicious snacks are made by farmers using indigenous, nutritious grains of the local soil. Happy Roots purchase this local produce, which is then readied and packaged by rural women of the area. A great alternative to the guilt-inducing snacks available in the markets today.
  5. Cloth Pads – Cloth pads are a comfortable, rash-free solution to the existing mensural pads in the market. Made by a non-profit called Ecofemme, the group uses the money to provide a source of income to local women and fund education around menstrual hygiene. Try these out, and you’re sure to become a convert.

Moving towards a sustainable lifestyle will help you get back in touch with nature and feel more rooted in the environment. Not only is this good for your health and happiness, but in the long run, you’re sure to benefit from this transition.

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