fashion industry eating the planet

15 Ways the Fashion Industry is Eating Up Our Planet!

fashion industry eating the planet
1. The earth has only 1% of drinkable water,
2. …the remaining 97% is salty and non-drinkable.
3. It takes 2700 litres of water to make 1 t-shirt, yes ONE shirt,
4. that’s enough water for 1 person to drink for 900 days.
5. We’re at the brink of sever water shortage.
6. The Indian fashion industry is growing 30% annually
7. and this segment relies heavily on coal-fuelled power plants,
8. ..leaving a large carbon footprint for the coming generations.
9. They’re creating more pollutants than the airline and shipping industry combined.
10. As of 2014, over 100 billion garments are being produced annually.
11. This means that, right now there are 14 items of clothes for every person on this planet.
12. 60% more garments are being bought, but are used only for half their life term.
13. And 50% of all garments are being sent to landfills within a year.
14. There are many small scale environment friendly fashion alternatives popping up.
15. Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, take note.
As industry stalwarts, its time to put active environment friendly measures in place and move towards a more sustainable future. The change starts by making small improvements, right from the kind of fabric used, to the manufacturing process, finding like-minded partners who believe in the cause, while keeping a tab on the overall costs and spreading awareness among consumers.

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